As with all new projects and businesses having help from others is key to success. Blackpool Futsal is very thankful to the following companies who have got the 'futsal ball' rolling 

  • Media Print Sales; have provided huge support in our marketing opportunities both pitch side and in the local community. They will be a key player in our development through our promotion in schools around the Fylde

  • Sport Blackpool; have been supportive with their fantastic facility which has providsed the perfect arena in which players, coaches and parents can enjoy the Futsal format. We will continue to work with the team at Stanley Park to schedule matches and festivals.

  • Fleetwood Town FC continue to support the develoment through involvement of its professional staff and opportunities created for its BTEC FUTSAL students. Work within officiating, organising and coaching have allowed a transition from classroom to employment skills to take place.

  • Lancashire FA; have been working very closely with us here at Blackpool Futsal to ensure ALL young players get the opportunity to play in the FUTSAL format and develop in the best way possible. With their continued support, FUTSAL will be on a very smooth path to success with numbers of participants increasing over the coming year.

Sponsors and Supporters